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Augur Launch Opens Up New Possibilities and Scalability Fears

A short while ago, after months of anticipation, the Augur prediction market project deployed their smart contracts on Ethereum’s main network. Amongst all the decentralized applications launched daily, the Augur launch stands out for a number of reasons.

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Zichain Challenges Traditional Investment with two new Cryptocurrency Index Funds 

Crypto finance group Zichain has announced two index funds based on leading cryptocurrencies, enriching the cryptocurrency investment landscape with much-needed instruments. The two funds, Blue Index Fund (BCIF) and Second Tier Index Fund (STIF) have been available to a limited number of investors since December 2017. The group plans to launch both funds for a

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State Your Business – Local Legislative Support for Crypto

Most of the regulatory heat on crypto has been coming from the federal level. Not only has the market suffered a series of shocks due to statements put out by SEC officials, but the whole approach has been so haphazard that some in the community would rather have the band-aid pulled off quickly, as it were. But

The Custodians Are Coming – Coinbase Courts Hedge Fund Money

While the prospect of Wall Street entering the cryptosphere may conjure some unpleasant associations among the utopians who view any kind of centralization as an unforgivable sell-out of crypto's core-principles, it seems like an inevitability. As we've discussed previously, this doesn't have to be a war between extremist factions. There's ample middle ground - and

Building Bridges – Banks and Crypto Are Learning to Coexist

It’s more than a little ironic that the US banking system which nearly destroyed the world economy thanks to a heady brew of avarice, stupidity, and thrill-seeking, has shown such a level of trepidation towards cryptocurrencies. And yet, here we are, with industry titans banning their customers from treating with cryptocurrency exchanges. They're afraid of

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Tether Double-Spending Scare Renews Transparency Concerns

This week, the US Dollar-pegged stablecoin is back in the limelight with a Chinese cybersecurity company reporting an alleged double-spending vulnerability. There are currently conflicting reports on the correctness of this claim. The issue seems to be whether Tether is at fault, the underlying OmniLayer platform, or the exchange on which the double-spending took place.

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Obstacles to Cryptocurrency Adoption

Almost 10 years have passed since Bitcoin was announced. It did not take long for the first recorded cryptocurrency transaction in exchange for goods to take place. On 22 May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz bought two Pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins, a fact celebrated by cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the form of Bitcoin Pizza Day every year. The

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The Danger of Centralized Exchanges

As the cryptocurrency market is going through a bit of a rough time, news has emerged that another cryptocurrency exchange has been hacked. Relatively little-known South Korean exchange Coinrail has lost around $37 million according to reports. Whilst this latest incident seems to have had a substantial impact on the market price of cryptocurrencies and

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Making Sense of the Stubborn Crypto Bear Market

All across the internet, millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and then checked their bitcoin wallets. Despite a period of gains, Bitcoin has been heading steadily south, and it took another hit recently, bringing its month-long decline to 30 percent at time of writing. Other altcoins plummeted as well, although Ethereum has shown

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Cryptocurrencies under Regulator’s Spotlight Again 

During the last week, cryptocurrency and ICO regulations have become a popular subject again. The debate centers on whether cryptocurrencies and tokens sold in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) constitute securities according to the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Speculation whether Ethereum’s cryptocurrency, Ether, might be classed as a security because of its token sale

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