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How It Works

The TAP Network is a UNIVERSAL rewards and data platform built with blockchain technology that facilitates trusted first-party permissioned data exchange between brands, publishers, and consumers. TAP rewards can be earned and redeemed across the TAP Network, at 250,000+ brands and retail/e-commerce partners in Travel, Dining, Entertainment, and Retail. Millions of consumers share data with trusted brands and get rewarded via dozens of TAP Network technology powered Publisher apps and web sites.


For Consumers

TAP allows consumers to earn rewards at over 250,000+ partner brands, and
directly control and monetize their purchase data for the first time.


To earn rewards, consumers connect their credit cards to any Publisher apps or web sites in the TAP network. Since TAP Rewards is built into every Publisher App, consumers automatically earn TAP just like they would in traditional “rewards points”.


Consumers automatically earn up to 10% rewards for verified spending at 250,000+ merchants in the network. Additionally, consumers store their brand permissions in smart contracts and get “paid” in TAP rewards dollars when brands promote to them based on their historical purchase data.


TAP coin can then be redeemed for travel, hospitality and retail rewards at 250,000+ participating merchants in the network, as well as exchange for goods and services offered by brands in any decentralized advertising campaigns.

For Brands

Say goodbye to the days of 0.1% avg CTR. TAP decentralized advertising allows brands to identify and reward target consumers based on their permissioned purchase history and other key data. When consumers get “paid”, up to 16% engagement are trackable via blockchain, providing accountability and direct 1-on-1 relationships for brands.


Craft campaigns according to purchase history, geography, or other demographic information, all directly permissioned by the consumer via smart contract. The more targeted the segment, the more effective the promotion.


Brands reward consumers with TAP coin for specific behaviors, such as a promotional purchase. Consumers are highly engaged to take a desired action when “paid” in TAP coin from their favorite brands. Brands receive a significant portion of their marketing spend back as purchases for goods and services.


Monitor and track any campaign with accurate data that cannot be manipulated. Each transaction is backed by a smart contract that logs permissioned data and ensures the desired action has been completed. “Proof of Action” is recorded on a blockchain ledger when consumers redeem promotional TAP from brands. Brands spend for actual engagement. No more “spray and pray!”


The blockchain ledger is a true view that provides a rich-yet-secure data profile of consumers, not only for an individual campaign, but over the lifetime. Consumers are connected to the brand via smart contract beyond just the first campaign. Brands can re-engage with follow-up campaigns based on historical data, establishing true 1-on-1 relationships with each consumer.

For Publishers

TAP is a new and more efficient advertising model that keeps consumers highly engaged and returns significantly higher ROI for brands. Brands spend for actual engagement, and consumers opt-in to get rewarded by brand partners. Consumers delegate data permission via Publisher apps or sites, and Publishers monetize every transaction on and offline.


Join the TAP network and make your audience available to brands. There’s no risk of violating user trust; opt-in consumers are only connected to brands that meets the criteria they set themselves, and decentralized advertising means no interruption to your current advertising revenue stream, only supplemental revenue opportunities.


Create content as usual! Engaged audiences are the core of the TAP network. Publishers can customize and leverage over 250,000+ rewards and redemption options offered in TAP network SDK to further engage the audience. Create co-branded or white-labeled rewards programs funded by 3rd party brands to increase engagement and create affinity with audiences to build new revenue streams using data and facilitating true connection between brands and consumers.


Get paid instantly via digital currency or in FIAT 10x faster than traditional media campaigns. Rest assured all campaign records are transparent and verifiable. “Proof of Action” is recorded on a blockchain ledger when consumers redeem TAP for a desired purchase or action promoted by brands. This means no complicated ad ops or reconciliation, no more waiting 90 days for payments, and best of all, no “ad tax” from middle-men taking up to 80% of the ad buy.


Thanks to immutable blockchain technology, data is entirely accurate and transparent. Enjoy increased trust with your audience and your brand partners. With active reporting and insights, you can learn more about what moves your audience. These engagement insights can increase more than just ROI for brand campaigns, they can help you shape more informed engagement and growth strategies.