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Blockchain Busters – How Crypto Is Poised to Transform Hollywood

One of the factors hamstringing cryptocurrency adoption is the relative lack of things one can do with it. Similar to the internet’s early days, when the learning curve was high and the benefits non-essential,  most people just don’t have a compelling reason to go through the hassle of converting their fiat currency into Bitcoin or

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Crypto Gaming is the Breakout Star of Blockchain Use Cases

After our previous articles on the impact the blockchain may have on the music industry and the insurance industry, it’s time to look at another use case: crypto gaming. Transparent Environments Since the emergence of Ethereum as a general purpose blockchain platform, decentralized application developers have realized that games can be implemented on the blockchain.

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Competing with Giants – The problem of Blockchain Scalability

Blockchain technology provides completely decentralized systems with very strict fault-tolerance and consistency guarantees. In Computer Science terms we would say that sequential consistency is provided in the presence of a Byzantine failure model. This may sound complicated, but it just means that nodes may fail in any way and even act maliciously. Furthermore, all members

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Tokenizing Data – Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Convergence

The importance of data has become clear in recent years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has finally started to deliver very useful results and amazing applications have become possible, ranging from self-driving cars to customer profiling and advanced recommendation services. All these applications have one thing in common: they rely on data, a huge amount of data

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Blockchain Use Cases: Insurance Industry

In this series of articles, we look at different applications of blockchain technology. We have previously highlighted potential benefits of the blockchain for the music industry.  In this latest installment of the series, we will look at the insurance industry. Dinosaurs Not much has changed in the insurance industry since Edward Lloyd started insuring seafaring

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The Danger of Centralized Exchanges

As the cryptocurrency market is going through a bit of a rough time, news has emerged that another cryptocurrency exchange has been hacked. Relatively little-known South Korean exchange Coinrail has lost around $37 million according to reports. Whilst this latest incident seems to have had a substantial impact on the market price of cryptocurrencies and

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Lost Cryptocurrency Fortune Highlights Unsolved Problems

The recent death of Matthew Mellon highlights one of a number of problems with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general. Matthew Mellon happened to be a billionaire who had made a lot of his fortune by being an early investor in Ripple. This means that at the time of his death he held more than

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What are Tokens?

By now, everyone with an interest in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will have heard the word token. However, many people will have used the word or even bought tokens, without really knowing what they are. Others will have invested substantial amounts of money in tokens without even knowing it. Definitions The confusion is due to a

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Smart Contracts Gone Rogue

Recently a suggestion to liberate frozen funds, written up in Ethereum Improvement Proposal EIP-999, has caused some controversy. The proposal aims to liberated stuck investments, that were frozen on the Ethereum blockchain in the second Parity hack. Before discussing this particular case, let’s first talk about smart contracts in general. A smart contract is a

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Blockchain Governance and the Limits of Decentralization

A recent meeting of key players related to Ethereum (arguably the most used blockchain and current industry standard for smart contract deployment) has re-opened the debate on how blockchains should be governed. The statement released by the group suggests the formation of a governance body and the development of a model. Of course, if a

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