How it works

TAP Network is a universal rewards platform based on verified purchase data where consumers can earn and redeem at 250,000+ brand partners in Travel, Dining, Entertainment, & Retail.

1. Connect

To earn rewards, consumers connect their credit cards to any Publisher app or website in the TAP network. TAP Rewards are built into the Publisher’s app/website and consumers automatically earn TAP just like they would in traditional “rewards points”.

2. Earn

Consumers automatically earn up to 10% rewards for verified spending on the TAP Network. Additionally, consumers store their brand permissions in smart contracts and get “paid” in TAP rewards when brands promote to them based on their purchase data history.

3. Redeem

TAP reward can then be redeemed for travel, hospitality and retail rewards at 250,000+ participating merchants in the network, as well as exchange for goods and services offered by brands in any decentralized advertising campaign.


Identify &
reward target

Say goodbye to the days of 0.1% avg CTR. TAP Decentralized Advertising allows brands to identify and reward target consumers based on their permissioned purchase history, big data and other key data. When consumers get “paid”, up to 16% engagement is trackable via blockchain technology, providing accountability and direct 1-on-1 relationships for brands.


Create new revenue.

Publishers can customize and leverage over 250,000+ rewards and redemption options offered in TAP network SDK to further engage the audience. Create co-branded or white-labeled rewards programs funded by 3rd party brands to increase engagement and create affinity with audiences to build new revenue streams using data.


The best disruptive
pull marketing