How it works

TAP Network is a universal rewards marketplace powering major White-Labeled rewards programs by top companies in Media, Entertainment, Retail and Digital Banking that rewards consumers for purchases with over 250,000+ brands and merchant partners.

1. Shop

To earn rewards, consumers shop digitally or in-store with linked credit or debit cards with any merchant in the TAP Network. TAP Rewards are built into the Publisher or White-Label Partner’s app/website and consumers automatically earn “rewards points” backed by TAP.

2. Earn

Consumers automatically earn up to 10% rewards for verified spending in the TAP Network. Additionally, consumers store their brand permissions in smart contracts and get “paid” in TAP rewards when brands promote to them based on their purchase data history.

3. Redeem

TAP powered reward “points” can be redeemed for Travel, Retail, Dining and Entertainment rewards with hundreds of top national brands, thousands of charitable causes, and tens of thousands restaurants and entertainment partners, as well as exclusive “Money Can’t Buy” experiences with artists and celebrities.


Identify &
reward target

Say goodbye to the days of 0.1% avg CTR. TAP technology is powered by First-Party Permissioned Data, and allows brands to reward target consumers based on purchase history,and other key data directly permissioned by the user. When consumers get “paid”, up to 16% engagement is trackable via TAP technology, providing transparency and direct 1-on-1 relationships for brands.

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Create new revenue.

Publishers who White-Label TAP rewards technology can customize and leverage over 250,000+ TAP Network merchants who actively “fund” your rewards program and increase affinity with your audience. TAP can build and POWER your rewards programs from the ground up, or integrate our web or app APIs directly into your existing App or web site.

Existing major rewards programs can CONNECT to the TAP rewards API and create new revenue streams leveraging the network. Highl demand network redemoption options are made available to Connected Partners, improving both consumer engagement with your program as well as program profitability by up to 90%.

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