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State Your Business – Local Legislative Support for Crypto

Most of the regulatory heat on crypto has been coming from the federal level. Not only has the market suffered a series of shocks due to statements put out by SEC officials, but the whole approach has been so haphazard that some in the community would rather have the band-aid pulled off quickly, as it were. But

Hiding Secrets Through Math – How Cryptography Makes the Blockchain Possible

Blockchain technology would not exist without cryptography. It is not necessary to be a math genius, but any blockchain user or cryptocurrency holder should understand some basic cryptographic primitives. Many coins have been lost or stolen because users did not understand the basics of cryptographic key management. For a fascinating history of cryptography, “The Code

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The Custodians Are Coming – Coinbase Courts Hedge Fund Money

While the prospect of Wall Street entering the cryptosphere may conjure some unpleasant associations among the utopians who view any kind of centralization as an unforgivable sell-out of crypto's core-principles, it seems like an inevitability. As we've discussed previously, this doesn't have to be a war between extremist factions. There's ample middle ground - and

Blockchain Technology for Enterprise Solutions

Blockchain technology was invented out of libertarian ideas. Bitcoin’s early supporters (and many current supporters) want cryptocurrencies and other blockchain applications to return power to the end-users and take it away from governments, banks and any type of centralized authority. Despite this obvious threat to their power, banks and other big industries were quick to

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Three Smart Contract Applications Happening Right Now

General purpose blockchains, such as Ethereum, enable the implementation of smart contracts. Smart contracts are legal agreements that are implemented in computer code and execute autonomously. The concept of smart contracts has existed since at least 1994 when cryptographer Nick Szabo wrote about them. A very simple example of a smart contract is a vending

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Blockchain Busters – How Crypto Is Poised to Transform Hollywood

One of the factors hamstringing cryptocurrency adoption is the relative lack of things one can do with it. Similar to the internet’s early days, when the learning curve was high and the benefits non-essential,  most people just don’t have a compelling reason to go through the hassle of converting their fiat currency into Bitcoin or

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Competing with Giants – The problem of Blockchain Scalability

Blockchain technology provides completely decentralized systems with very strict fault-tolerance and consistency guarantees. In Computer Science terms we would say that sequential consistency is provided in the presence of a Byzantine failure model. This may sound complicated, but it just means that nodes may fail in any way and even act maliciously. Furthermore, all members

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ICO Watch – Daily Fantasy

While fantasy sports have been around for decades now, starting with american football in the early 1960s, the concept of daily fantasy is only a few years old. The difference between the two doesn’t seem especially huge on its face, but it’s resulted in an explosive new market, with players spending several billion in 2016

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Making Sense of the Stubborn Crypto Bear Market

All across the internet, millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and then checked their bitcoin wallets. Despite a period of gains, Bitcoin has been heading steadily south, and it took another hit recently, bringing its month-long decline to 30 percent at time of writing. Other altcoins plummeted as well, although Ethereum has shown

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Big Tech Moves to Support Blockchain Solutions

  Blockchain, despite its potential to be a technology as disruptive as the internet itself, seems to be stuck in a holding pattern of lots of hype but little in the way of progress in terms of applicability, user base, and general public recognition. Unlike ‘hype-beasts’ before it, however, blockchain is based on proven, existing

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Are Cryptocurrencies Real Money

Holders of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are often faced with the question of how the asset they are holding is classified. In legal terms, this is important for things like taxation and for which purposes a holder is legally allowed to use the coin. In philosophical terms, classifying cryptocurrencies as one thing or another can

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Smart Contracts Gone Rogue

Recently a suggestion to liberate frozen funds, written up in Ethereum Improvement Proposal EIP-999, has caused some controversy. The proposal aims to liberated stuck investments, that were frozen on the Ethereum blockchain in the second Parity hack. Before discussing this particular case, let’s first talk about smart contracts in general. A smart contract is a

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Cryptocurrency Basics – The Big Four

For those new to cryptocurrency, the sheer number of coins on the market can seem baffling. Without getting into the booming world of ICOs, let’s take a look at the top four currencies by market capitalization. 1. Bitcoin (BTC) The granddaddy of them all, Bitcoin continues to rule supreme with a market capitalization of $140

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Cryptocurrencies under Regulator’s Spotlight Again 

During the last week, cryptocurrency and ICO regulations have become a popular subject again. The debate centers on whether cryptocurrencies and tokens sold in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) constitute securities according to the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Speculation whether Ethereum’s cryptocurrency, Ether, might be classed as a security because of its token sale

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Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology was born out of the quest for developing digital currencies without the need for a centralized authority. Bitcoin emerged in 2009 (proposed in 2008) as the first public blockchain, initially focusing on monetary transactions. Essentially, Bitcoin implements a state machine on top of a peer-to-peer network. This means that transactions cause the system

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Smart Contracts – The Basics

Whenever you buy or sell a cryptocurrency, a record of the transaction is inscribed upon the blockchain, a decentralized, indelible ledger shared across millions of computers in the world. The bits of code that allow these transactions to take place are known as 'smart contracts', and while cryptocurrency and the blockchain are by now widely