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The Effect of Know Your Customer (KYC) Laws on Bitcoin

KYC (Know Your Customer) laws have long plagued the crypto community. A fundamental cog in the world financial system which nearly every major nation follows, KYC requires banks or other third parties to verify the identity of the sender and receiver involved in a transaction. This prevents unlawful actors from using a country's money, and

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State Your Business – Local Legislative Support for Crypto

Most of the regulatory heat on crypto has been coming from the federal level. Not only has the market suffered a series of shocks due to statements put out by SEC officials, but the whole approach has been so haphazard that some in the community would rather have the band-aid pulled off quickly, as it were. But

Hiding Secrets Through Math – How Cryptography Makes the Blockchain Possible

Blockchain technology would not exist without cryptography. It is not necessary to be a math genius, but any blockchain user or cryptocurrency holder should understand some basic cryptographic primitives. Many coins have been lost or stolen because users did not understand the basics of cryptographic key management. For a fascinating history of cryptography, “The Code

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The Custodians Are Coming – Coinbase Courts Hedge Fund Money

While the prospect of Wall Street entering the cryptosphere may conjure some unpleasant associations among the utopians who view any kind of centralization as an unforgivable sell-out of crypto's core-principles, it seems like an inevitability. As we've discussed previously, this doesn't have to be a war between extremist factions. There's ample middle ground - and

Building Bridges – Banks and Crypto Are Learning to Coexist

It’s more than a little ironic that the US banking system which nearly destroyed the world economy thanks to a heady brew of avarice, stupidity, and thrill-seeking, has shown such a level of trepidation towards cryptocurrencies. And yet, here we are, with industry titans banning their customers from treating with cryptocurrency exchanges. They're afraid of

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Bitcoin Found to be Useless for Criminal Activity

When asking the general public about Bitcoin, the digital currency’s alleged use for criminal activities often comes up. In fact, Bitcoin has a poor reputation, with people perceiving it as a tool for criminals buying and selling drugs on the dark web, cybercriminal ransom requests, and tax avoidance. Whilst it is true that in the

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Binance Coin (BNB) Holds Steady As Binance Announces Move Into Uganda

Binance ventures into Uganda with its first ever fiat-crypto exchange Over the past 24 hours, almost all major cryptocurrencies have plunged into the red. As reported by Cointelegraph, Binance has announced it will open its first ever fiat-crypto exchange in Uganda and this news could explain why Binance Coin (BNB) has fared better than bitcoin

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Obstacles to Cryptocurrency Adoption

Almost 10 years have passed since Bitcoin was announced. It did not take long for the first recorded cryptocurrency transaction in exchange for goods to take place. On 22 May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz bought two Pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins, a fact celebrated by cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the form of Bitcoin Pizza Day every year. The

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Making Sense of the Stubborn Crypto Bear Market

All across the internet, millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and then checked their bitcoin wallets. Despite a period of gains, Bitcoin has been heading steadily south, and it took another hit recently, bringing its month-long decline to 30 percent at time of writing. Other altcoins plummeted as well, although Ethereum has shown

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Ripple CEO Takes Swing at Bitcoin

Ripple (XRP) CEO Brad Garlinghouse has taken a shot across the bow at rival mega-cryptocurrency Bitcoin, calling it the “Napster of digital assets” in late May at Recode’s Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verde, California. “We may come to find that Bitcoin is kind of the Napster of digital assets,” he said. “This is transformative

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Are Cryptocurrencies Real Money

Holders of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are often faced with the question of how the asset they are holding is classified. In legal terms, this is important for things like taxation and for which purposes a holder is legally allowed to use the coin. In philosophical terms, classifying cryptocurrencies as one thing or another can

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Blockchain Governance and the Limits of Decentralization

A recent meeting of key players related to Ethereum (arguably the most used blockchain and current industry standard for smart contract deployment) has re-opened the debate on how blockchains should be governed. The statement released by the group suggests the formation of a governance body and the development of a model. Of course, if a

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Cryptocurrency Basics – The Big Four

For those new to cryptocurrency, the sheer number of coins on the market can seem baffling. Without getting into the booming world of ICOs, let’s take a look at the top four currencies by market capitalization. 1. Bitcoin (BTC) The granddaddy of them all, Bitcoin continues to rule supreme with a market capitalization of $140

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Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology was born out of the quest for developing digital currencies without the need for a centralized authority. Bitcoin emerged in 2009 (proposed in 2008) as the first public blockchain, initially focusing on monetary transactions. Essentially, Bitcoin implements a state machine on top of a peer-to-peer network. This means that transactions cause the system

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Where are my Bitcoins?

By now, most people have heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and know that they are digital currencies. Many people also understand that there is no central authority, such as a bank, in charge of managing this. Instead, they will have heard of the Blockchain and how it stores money in a decentralized way. We have

Smart Contracts – The Basics

Whenever you buy or sell a cryptocurrency, a record of the transaction is inscribed upon the blockchain, a decentralized, indelible ledger shared across millions of computers in the world. The bits of code that allow these transactions to take place are known as 'smart contracts', and while cryptocurrency and the blockchain are by now widely