For Brands

Get to know your customers like never before, and share the benefits. With TAP network, everyone wins!

1. Segment

Craft campaigns according to categorical purchase history, geography, or other demographic information, all directly permissioned by the consumer via smart contract. The more targeted the segment, the more effective the promotion.

2. Engage

Consumers are highly engaged to take a desired action when “paid” in TAP from their favorite brands. Reward consumers with TAP for specific behaviors, such as everyday purchases, promotional purchases or call-to-actions. Brands receive a significant portion of their marketing spend back as purchases for goods and services.

3. Verify

Each transaction is backed by a smart contract that logs permissioned data and ensures the desired action has been completed. “Proof of Action” is recorded on a blockchain ledger when consumers redeem promotional TAP from brands. Brands spend for actual engagement. No more “spray and pray!”

4. Smart-Targeting

Consumers are connected to the brand via smart contract beyond just the first campaign. Brands can re-engage with follow-up campaigns based on historical data, establishing true 1-on-1 relationships with each consumer without compromising their privacy or data.