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The Effect of Know Your Customer (KYC) Laws on Bitcoin

KYC (Know Your Customer) laws have long plagued the crypto community. A fundamental cog in the world financial system which nearly every major nation follows, KYC requires banks or other third parties to verify the identity of the sender and receiver involved in a transaction. This prevents unlawful actors from using a country's money, and

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Augur Launch Opens Up New Possibilities and Scalability Fears

A short while ago, after months of anticipation, the Augur prediction market project deployed their smart contracts on Ethereum’s main network. Amongst all the decentralized applications launched daily, the Augur launch stands out for a number of reasons.

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Ethereum’s Co-Founder Has Seven Questions For Blockchain Tech

Ethereum’s co-founder has recently launched seven uncomfortable questions that highlight the unsolved problems of current blockchain technology. Whilst some of his questions are deliberately provocative, they accurately represent the state of the current public blockchain ecosystem. 

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Security Token Offering (STO) – A New Frontier in Crowdfunding?

The SEC has recently clarified its position on the ICO market. Despite the magical thinking of issuers and buyers alike, there is no fundamental difference between a utility token and a security token. While the former does serve an additional purpose - facilitating transactions on a platform or within a product's ecosystem - such tokens

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Consensus Part 2: Three Algorithms for Not So Public Blockchains

Consensus protocols used in public blockchains, such as proof of work, are not necessarily the most suitable for this type of blockchains. Therefore, there are a number of consensus algorithms optimized for permissioned blockchains. Let’s have a look at three common protocols.

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Machines of Loving Grace: Blockchain Delivers AI to the Masses

The AI industry is booming. Companies are proliferating across the US and the world, with leaders like SenseTime, the image processing and facial recognition startup, reaching $1.2 billion in investment in no time at all. But no matter how rosy our optical sensors, it's impossible not to feel a chill down the spine when reading

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STASIS Launches EURS Stablecoin for European Investors

Blockchain investment platform STASIS has officially launched its EURS stablecoin, a move that's likely to attract curious institutional investors throughout the European Union. EURS, like other so-called stablecoins, is backed by real-world Euro investment. The Euros act like collateral, insulating the coin from the cryptocurrency market's notorious volatility. The EURS tokenization platform has already demonstrated

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Public Blockchains versus Permissioned Blockchains – What’s the Difference?

In the beginning, there was Bitcoin. The anonymous creator (or creators) envisaged a completely decentralized network for a global and public cryptocurrency. Thus, Bitcoin and its early successors were public blockchains to which anyone could connect. This clearly makes sense for currencies that aim to be universal. It also makes sense for public smart contract

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New Releases of Corda and Hyperledger Focus Bring Additional Privacy and Security Features to Enterprise Blockchains

Both Hyperledger Fabric and Corda have seen important new releases in recent days. Hyperledger Fabric 1.2 adds private transactions to the platform’s already comprehensive list of privacy features. R3 on the other focuses on an additional layer of security in their new Corda Enterprise version of their platform. Both releases are significant contributions to the

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Cryptocurrencies on the Way to Mainstream Adoptions According to eToro and Imperial College

Cryptocurrencies have been around since 2009. Despite examples of real-world use, they have so far not taken off as a mainstream payment system. According to a report of the online trading platform and eToro and the Imperial College of London, this may change in the future. The report is titled Cryptocurrencies: Overcoming Barriers to Trust and

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Zichain Challenges Traditional Investment with two new Cryptocurrency Index Funds 

Crypto finance group Zichain has announced two index funds based on leading cryptocurrencies, enriching the cryptocurrency investment landscape with much-needed instruments. The two funds, Blue Index Fund (BCIF) and Second Tier Index Fund (STIF) have been available to a limited number of investors since December 2017. The group plans to launch both funds for a

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State Your Business – Local Legislative Support for Crypto

Most of the regulatory heat on crypto has been coming from the federal level. Not only has the market suffered a series of shocks due to statements put out by SEC officials, but the whole approach has been so haphazard that some in the community would rather have the band-aid pulled off quickly, as it were. But

Malta Removes Regulatory Uncertainty to Become Leading Force Amongst Crypto-friendly Countries

Last week Malta made what can be considered an unprecedented legislative move. Three new laws related to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies were passed in a second parliament reading, easing the way for Malta to establish itself as a crypto-friendly base with regulatory clarity.  A third reading this coming week should bring final approval. The Mediterranean island

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Owner of Swiss Stock Exchange, SIX, to Launch Blockchain-Based ‘Digital Asset Ecosystem’

SIX, the owner and manager of Switzerland’s stock exchange, recently announced plans to launch a full end-to-end ‘digital asset ecosystem’ based on blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLTs). SIX’s new system  - SIX Digital Exchange (“SDX”) - will be the world’s first fully integrated market infrastructure for digital assets. SIX pioneers the use of DLTs to

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Self-Sovereign Identity – How the Blockchain Will Get Rid of Passwords and Other Inconveniences

Blockchain technology has use cases in all sorts of industries. At the heart of most services that involve people, is a concept known as self-sovereign identity. Representing identities on the blockchain allows healthcare data applications, online voting, password-free authentication and many other applications. Blockchain-based self-sovereign identities not only present a business opportunity for companies, such

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Australian Government Eyes A$100M Savings with IBM Blockchain Technology Deal

As reported by Bloomberg, International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) has finalized an A$1 billion ($740 million) agreement with the Australian government to help improve data security over the next five years. The projected savings of A$100M will be achieved through the use of blockchain technology and automation to protect the data of Australian citizens. How

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Blockchain Technology Could Be Used to Review and Redesign the UK’s Data Systems, Says New Report

Unlocking Blockchain, a new report published by the UK think tank FREER, poses wide-ranging questions and suggestions regarding how blockchain and related technologies could help to review and redesign the UK’s data systems. FREER, a major new initiative from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), aims to promote a more liberal economy and society. Their

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CFC: Get Ready for Silicon Valley’s Most Exclusive Blockchain Event

For the first time the Crypto Finance Conference will held in California, September 5-7, 2018, delivering a blockbuster blockchain event to Silicon Valley's doorstep. Crypto Finance Conference Goes WEST will be the first CFC hosted in the United States. It follows on from the success of the inaugural CFC in St. Moritz, Switzerland back in

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Hiding Secrets Through Math – How Cryptography Makes the Blockchain Possible

Blockchain technology would not exist without cryptography. It is not necessary to be a math genius, but any blockchain user or cryptocurrency holder should understand some basic cryptographic primitives. Many coins have been lost or stolen because users did not understand the basics of cryptographic key management. For a fascinating history of cryptography, “The Code

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Third-Generation Blockchain Releases Mark the Beginning of a New Era

Blockchain technology is still relatively new and experimental. Despite this "immaturity", we are already witnessing the emergence of a third generation of platforms, promising improved performance and scalability. After months of whitepapers, token sales and development promises, projects are finally starting to release working software. After the launch of the EOS main network last months,

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The Custodians Are Coming – Coinbase Courts Hedge Fund Money

While the prospect of Wall Street entering the cryptosphere may conjure some unpleasant associations among the utopians who view any kind of centralization as an unforgivable sell-out of crypto's core-principles, it seems like an inevitability. As we've discussed previously, this doesn't have to be a war between extremist factions. There's ample middle ground - and

Announcement of Block.one to Participate in EOS Validator Voting Causes New Centralization Concerns

Despite finally launching its official main network, EOS keeps generating negative news. In this most recent controversy, Block.one, the company behind EOS’s development, has announced it will participate in the voting procedure for block generators. The company has announced to use its token allocation to participate in the staking progress used for delegate voting. EOS

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Will Money Remittance Become Blockchain’s First Mainstream Use Case? Alibaba’s Ant Financial Services Thinks So

Ant Financial Services recently launched their blockchain-based cross border remittance service. While blockchain technology has a seemingly limitless number of use cases, from streamlining supply chains to simplifying the internet of things, relatively few of these case are anywhere near the point of becoming mainstream. That may be about to change with news that international

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Building Bridges – Banks and Crypto Are Learning to Coexist

It’s more than a little ironic that the US banking system which nearly destroyed the world economy thanks to a heady brew of avarice, stupidity, and thrill-seeking, has shown such a level of trepidation towards cryptocurrencies. And yet, here we are, with industry titans banning their customers from treating with cryptocurrency exchanges. They're afraid of

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